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Fight oily skin with oil


I had oily, pimple-prone skin from my teens to my mid twenties. I fixed that with some nice pharmaceuticals, and maintained my clear complexion with The Pill. But….three months ago, I had to change my Pill, and to my horror, my skin went back to its former, greasy self. I was mortified, especially because I’d had clear skin for the past 3 -4 years.

The first time round with bad skin, I assaulted it with the full battering of oil-free, harsh products. Of course it made my pores rebel and produce even more oil. This time round, I’m wiser. I now know that oil is my friend, and that oil ‘fights’ oil. My favourite is Jojoba oil (pronounce ho-HO-ba.)

Jojoba oil is actually a wax and is more similar to human sebum (the stuff in your pores) than other vegetable oils. Because of this, applying it may ‘trick’ your skin into believing that it has already produced enough oil and that it doesn’t need to produce more.

I use this one from SOil. One bottle lasts a long time, and because Jojoba oil doesn’t contain trigylcerides, it has a long shelf life and doesn’t go rancid easily.


After washing and toning my face, I apply about two drops of pure Jojoba oil to my skin, then I wait a while before applying a small amount of suitable moisturizer. I wait another while before blotting with oil control film, to avoid looking like an oil slick.

Although it might take a while to get my skin back to (hopefully) ‘normal,’ I’ve already noticed a huge improvement after two weeks.

What are your thoughts on using oils in your skincare regime?

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