It starts in the cart

I’ve been quiet, I know…

Here’s my Sunday shop: R330 (+-$30) healthy food from Pick ‘n Pay Supermarket, Cape Town, South Africa.

I should add that each post in this series represents the food that I eat in a week. I don’t let anything go to waste. I always get 6-7 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and snacks. To anyone that says ‘eating healthy’ is expensive, I beg to differ.

I’m doing this series as a visual representation to myself. I’ve recently started a full-time job, and I thought it would be hard to keep up, but I’m managing! Kudos to anyone working and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and even more to anyone also supporting and caring for a family!

2014.07.20 healthy grocery shopping South Africa

100g raw almonds
100g raw walnuts
100g hazel nuts
100g Brazil nuts, cashews
1 Queen pineapple
1Kg pink lady apples
3 papayas
1Kg Avocado
5 bananas
half tray tangerines/naartjies
500g seedless raisins
250g cherry tomatoes
30g mint
1Kg carrots
cauliflower and broccoli
250g mushrooms
1Kg rolled oats

What does your weekly grocery spend look like?

This is what I got last time.
This is what I generally keep in stock at home.


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