Natural salad dressing

Several years ago I remember buying bottled salad dressings that I found in the condiments aisle. I barely even go down that aisle these days and I can’t see myself ever putting a bottle of salad dressing in my basket again.

It just makes so much sense to make my own. I started making ‘chop chop salads’ salad last year, and I would add oil, apple cider vinegar, and every spice in my spice rack before eating my salad. Dressing my salad took as long as making it, which brought me to the idea of making my own salad dressing out of the ingredients I was already using.


Fresh ginger
Fresh garlic (I used 2 cloves)
Fresh parsley (+-30g)
Fresh mint (+-30g)
Flax seed oil / linseed oil (+-125ml) (this oil is high in Omega 3)
Apple cider vinegar (+-125ml) (this is an alkaline/alkalising vinegar)
Black pepper
Dried mixed herbs


  • Peel the garlic and ginger. Chop in the chopper.
  • Rinse the parsley and mint in water. Remove all the stalks. Drain the leaves. Add leaves to the chopper. (you can use stems and leaves)
  • Funnel this into a glass bottle. I felt like Houdini after I funnelled (haha) all this into the bottle.
  • Add all spices. Top up with Flax seed oil and Apple Cider vinegar.
  • Close the bottle and shake. Store in the fridge.
1 natural salad dressing ingredients


2 natural salad dressing preparation separating herb leaves from stems

separating herb leaves from stems (this step is optional)

3 natural salad dressing chopping garlic and ginger

chopping garlic and ginger

4 natural salad dressing chopping herbs

chopping herbs

5 natural salad dressing herbs in the bottle

use a funnel to get the herbs in the bottle. I should have used a bottle with a wider mouth.)

6 natural salad dressing adding spices to the bottle

adding spices

7 natural salad sressing adding flax seed oil and apple cider vinegar to the bottle

topping up with flaxseed oil and apple cider vinegar

I’ve made a few batches of this dressing, and it lasts a couple of months or more. I top it up with apple cider vinegar and flax oil from time to time, too. I use it in salad, I add it to guacamole, and add it to just about anything that needs a dressing. I’m pretty sure it’s high in vitamin and minerals, too.

Do you make your own salad dressing?


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