It starts in the cart

This is what I got for R290 (+-$29) at Pick ‘n Pay supermarket in Cape Town, South Africa. I have decided to cut out dairy for a month or two; no more full cream yoghurt for me boo hoo. I stocked up on coconut milk. The one I buy is a product of Thailand, and the only ingredients are coconut milk and water. This means that it separates. The ones that do not separate have chemicals added to separation.

2014.07.27 healthy grocery shopping South Africa

150g Pecans, Almonds, and cashews
100g Brazil nuts
6x165ml coconut milk
500g seedless raisins
1 queen pineapple
7 tangerines
4 papayas
4 bananas
500g mushrooms
30g mint
1Kg carrots
2 brinjals
cauliflower & broccoli

This is what I got last time.

This is the other stuff I generally keep at home.

How do you manage your grocery shopping?



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