Blogress and Bloglovin’

Since attending Blog Boot Camp  (you can read my post about it here) I’ve made some small (free) changes to my blog. The most obvious changes, too, that I can’t believe I hadn’t spotted myself, even after learning similar things in the Digital marketing course that I’ve just finished (you can read my post about that, here.)

Apart from appearances, previously, I had only been following blogs with my WordPress ‘Reader,’ which felt kind of limiting. I will still check by there every now and then, but if you are on Bloglovin’, please follow me there (there is a ‘follow’ widget in my sidebar now) and I will, of course, follow you back.

Here is my ‘After’ shot:

While it’s not perfect, and I still have a lot to learn, or put into practice, at least now I have a menu bar, and visible widgets, among other small changes regarding media, and more. I think it’s better. I will probably still play around more, but for now I’m satisfied with the improvements.

Suits theme


I think I’ve stepped up from ‘complete blogging newbie’ to ‘blogging newbie.’

I’m finding blogging more and more addictive!

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts. ~ John Wooden



  1. Firstly Thank You for visiting City Girl Vibe. I appreciate it stacks! Secondly I LOVE LOVE LOVE changing my blog all the time, this is probably the longest that its remained this way because I’m finally comfortable with the look and feel of my blog. In my first 2 years of blogging I changed/redesigned my header and buttons so many times, I think people started getting annoyed with me but really… To me changing my blog was fun!

    Btw love your blog and thank you for the late night/early morning reads.

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