R350 (+-$35) healthy food spend

 I try to follow a largely whole food lifestyle (during the week, at least, anyway.)

This is what I got for R350 at Pick ‘n Pay supermarket in Cape Town, South Africa:

R350 healthy food spend

R350 healthy food spend

1 litre full cream yogurt
1 Kg choice grade raisins
2 x 165 ml coconut milk
100g Brazil nuts
150 g Almonds, Cashews, Pecan nuts
400 g Tahini (Sesame butter)
500 g popcorn
500 g button mushrooms
400 g green beans
1 avocado
3 papayas
1 pineapple
2 bananas
Half tray tangerines (naartjies)

This is what I got last time.

This post will give you an idea of other things I keep in stock at home.

I’d love to see how you manage your grocery shopping!?


Be healthy, y’all!


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