Blog Boot Camp 2014

I attended Blog Boot Camp held at The Office in Cape Town on Saturday. It was hosted by SA blogging aficionados, Kathryn from Becoming You Blog  and Lana from Lanalou Style (site may be undergoing maintenance at the moment.)


I got camera-shy, so I don’t have many pictures, but the boardroom table was beautifully decked with our awesome goodie bags, beautiful flowers, and printed notes which were filled with useful links. Raylene from Scarlet Aura blog got some great snaps of the event.


Everyone diligently took notes as Lana and Kathryn talked us through the ins and outs of creating beautiful, functional blogs, along with plenty of examples, and answers to our questions.

It’s not easy to squeeze all the technical stuff into one morning but fortunately I was able to keep up because it tied in with what I’d just learned in a Digital Marketing course (which I will blog about this week.)

We enjoyed gourmet snacks during the break and it was nice to meet other local bloggers. I met the lovely Leana from Hipstyler Pretty & Ginger who I follow. A handful of attendees were the lucky winners of extra treats in a lucky draw. There was even a leather handbag up for grabs.

Now, I’m enjoying some delicious Nomu Skinny Hot Chocolate, which I got in my goodie bag.  I made it with coconut milk and it’s perfect for this cold, wet, post hailstorm, Cape Town Monday.

Nomu Skinny Hot Chocolate

Goodie bag haul

I’m sure Kathryn and Lana weren’t able to attend a boot camp when they first started blogging, so I feel grateful that they were willing to share their knowledge. Thank you!

I definitely learnt a thing or two and I will study my notes, and make some changes. Watch this space!

* This post expresses my own, personal views, and was not sponsored.



  1. Hi Jess, love this post! Thanks so much for the mention 🙂 I’m following you on Bloglovin’ as well so I look forward to keeping up with your blogging journey xx

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