Homemade Natural Mouthwash

I believe the physical action of swishing liquid around your mouth is what makes mouthwash effective. I’m never happy with the long list of ingredients in a simple product, so I decided to make my own. I researched and decided to keep it simple.


Ingredients and method

a few drops clove and/or cinnamon essential oil (for their anti-bacterial qualities)
a few drops of stevia liquid

Put all ingredients in a glass bottle and shake.


Easy peasy, cheap and cheerful. I don’t feel bad about using it twice a day.

When to use mouthwash?

I floss, mouthwash, then brush.

What order do you follow?



  1. Great idea, and what money saver. I would probably skip the stevia though as I’ve always preferred the old fashioned astringent mouthwashes to the new sweet ones. The old ones were full of alcohol, but your idea is so much better!

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