I finally put avo in my smoothie!

I’d heard about putting avo in fruit smoothies, but I always just felt better about avo in (non fruit) salad. I tried it anyway.



1 small avo
1 banana
some cinnamon
a spoon of cocoa/cacao powder
a spoon of desiccated coconut
a spoon of sesame seeds
a spoon of sunflower seeds
a spoon of honey
a spoon of rolled oats
water to top up



Blend together. Easy peasy lemon squeazy!

I made all my smoothies with a hand / stick blender.


The verdict

I couldn’t really taste the avo, but it definitely added creaminess. I probably couldn’t taste the avo because I added so much other stuff. It didn’t make the smoothie green!

I still prefer avo in (non fruit) salad, but it’s definitely an option for smoothies.

Have you tried avo in a smoothie?



  1. Yes I love avocado in smoothies, salads, guacamole, soups, tacos, almost anything! Yesterday I made a pasta bowl that had avocado on top it was delicious!! I’ll try your smoothie, looks good!

    1. Avocados are one of the few things I look forward to about winter – they’re plentiful and cheap here in South Africa now; I can get 2 or 3 avos for the equivalent of $1 🙂

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