Another R320 (+/-$32) healthy spend

I feel old when I shop like this, but ironically, I feel young when I eat like this!

Why am I posting what I bought?

When I go to the supermarket, I feel like I’m shopping in a mausoleum. Much of the food is dead. It’s packaged in boxes, tins, and plastic, and has been treated with heat and chemicals. People don’t realise this; they think that because it’s being sold in a store, that it must be fit for human consumption.

The stuff I’m buying is not necessarily organic or perfect, but I think at least a large percentage of it is fresh. It’s my new way of shopping, and I can’t imagine reverting to my old ways. I wonder to myself, if I don’t buy 70% fresh produce, then what AM I buying?

This is the healthy food I got for R320 (+-$32) at Pick ‘n Pay Supermarket, Cape Town, South Africa. Nicely wrapped in plastic!


Double Cream Greek-style yoghurt
Walnuts 100g
Raw Cashews 500g
Brazil nuts 110g
Papaya x 3
Bananas x 4
Avocados x 3
Garlic 30g
Red cabbage
English spinach 100g
Parsley 25g
mint 30g
mini Italian tomatoes 250g
Ginger 140g

You can see the other food I generally keep at home here.

What can you get for $32 in your country?

See what I got last time, here.



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