That one time I made my own natural toothpaste…

I’d been interested in making my own toothpaste for a long time. I searched for recipes online, and all of them used baking soda. I’d heard too many bad things about using baking soda on teeth so I came up with my own recipe.
I’d seen powdered activated charcoal as an ingredient, and I decided to make it my base ingredient. Activated charcoal draws out impurities, and can have a whitening effect.

Ingredients and method


I powdered a handful of activated charcoal tablets in the blender/chopper, added liquid organic virgin coconut oil, a few drops of Stevia, and a few drops of clove or cinnamon essential oil. I poured it into a small glass jar. When the weather got colder, it solidified.


Does it work?

Guess what? It turns your mouth black first before you rinse it away! After a few weeks, I think I noticed a difference and improvement in whiteness. Unfortunately, I didn’t take before and after photos.

The downside

I felt bad about spitting out my oily toothpaste down the sink drain. It also made the basin black.

Next time

I don’t think I’ll be using this permanently in the future, but it’s been an interesting experience. I think I’ll stick to Sensodyne Repair and Protect.

Have you ever made your own toothpaste?


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